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Medical supplies for urology and incontinence treatment

A leading provider of Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTDs) for hazardous drugs

Real time screening device for cancerous cervical cells

Single use surgical retractors that can be used to easily hold back tissues and expose organs

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Equashield, a leading provider of Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTDs) for safe and simple handling of hazardous drugs, announced that EQUASHIELD was named a 2016 Red Dot Award winner. Participants from 57 nations submitted more than 5,000 products and innovations for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. Equashield set itself apart considerably through the excellent design of EQUASHIELD, and has received the sought-after quality seal from the international Red Dot jury.

The key innovations of Equashield's CSTD, which differentiate it from its competitors, include: built-in pressure equalization system within the syringe barrel, eliminating bulky exterior air chambers; fully encapsulated syringe, preventing major spills through accidental syringe plunger removal; metal plunger rod, preventing hazardous drug contamination from the often overlooked route of exposure common to standard plastic syringes used in competing systems; dry connectors between the syringe, vials and IV bags, ensuring no drug residue escapes the system between transfers.

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