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The EQUASHIELD® CSTD with its closed-back Syringe Unit covers more routes of exposure than alternative systems. Our state-of-the-art products are both a design and engineering feat—with our pressure equalization technology fueling everything we do.

The EQUASHIELD ® Syringe Unit

EQUASHIELD® Syringe Units maintain a closed pressure equalization that prevents the escape of vapors and aerosols during compounding and administration. A unique dual-needle, air-to-liquid closed exchange system, combined with a closed-back sterile air chamber behind the syringe, ensures that pressure is equalized in a closed system throughout the hazardous drug handling process.


Our fully self-contained Syringe Unit with welded connector and closed back prevents the escape of vapors and aerosols into the environment.


Dry Disconnections

During disconnection, dual membranes prevent any contact between the drugs and the outer surface, leaving the contact area safe and free of drug residues.


Needle Safe

Needles remain fully shielded and safe from exposure at all times, preventing needle stick injuries as well as leaks, aerosols, or spills.

Our Core Components Of Safety

Syringe Units
Fully encapsulated Syringe Units prevent syringe plunger contamination caused by hazardous drug handling. The system is equipped with a built-in closed pressure equalization with sterile air. Unlike regular syringes our encapsulated syringe prevents accidental pulling-out of the plunger, which allows for safe full volume usage of the syringe (up to 60mL). The connector is permanently welded onto the syringe and houses shielded needles to prevent the risk of accidental needle sticks.
Vial Adaptors
Our Vial Adaptor prevents angled or off-centered spiking of the vial stopper, providing a safe and contamination-free vial access port for the Syringe Unit. As part of EQUASHIELD®’s connector system, the vial adaptor’s elastomeric membrane serves a dual purpose; to serve as a microbial barrier preventing microbial ingress for up to 7 days and to remain drug residue-free for 10 repeated connections.

Flexible Administration Solutions

Secondary Tubing Set Thin
EQUASHIELD®’s Tubing Sets contain EQUASHIELD®’s Spike Adaptor integrated with a tubing set with a drip chamber. These sets are designed to fit into any standard IV bag, enabling safe and efficient transfer of medication dose into the IV Bag. Recognizing that there are variations among various IV Bag manufacturers and that no one IV port fits all bags, EQUASHIELD® produces two Secondary Sets, SA-1ST for regular ports and SA-1S for larger ports. These sets help optimize the time and cost of drug delivery via Secondary IV Infusion.
Luer Lock Y-site
LL-1Y is a Y-Site Tubing with a bonded EQUASHIELD® Luer Lock Adaptor, a female luer lock and a male luer lock with a vented cap, along with a clamp.

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Clinical Studies

Equashield demonstrates superior performance in a wide variety of clinical studies. We promote these findings through annual webinars, tradeshow events and other collaborations.



Equashield routinely partners with Key Opinion Leaders and 3rd parties to provide education through webinars and on-demand videos.


Podcast Episodes

We have recently launched our new Podcast, Fully Closed: A Podcast with No Filters. Follow or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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